Loop Earplugs for Music Festivals

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Hearing damage for festival goers is a real concern. With these earplugs, you lower the volume without dampening the sound. 

Loop's new earplug for music festivals reduces decibels and looks fantastic. By combining an acoustic channel and filter for natural sound, Loop lets wearers avoid hearing loss while looking stylish.

These are high fidelity hearing protection for music, concerts, festivals, clubs, musicians and any event where sound and noise can damage the delicate ear membranes.

The earplugs feature an elegant style, are extremely comfortable, and offer the best sound experience. They include a 20 dB acoustic filter to reduce all frequencies equally. 

Includes 2 Loops, 6 silicone + 6 foam ear tips & 1 pouch.

Choose from two colors: Midnight Black and Flirty Rose Gold.

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