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Festivals are fantastic events and grueling on the body and mind. However, late nights, big venues, sun, dancing, imbibing and missing sleep can put a damper on feeling your best and maximizing the experience. Feel better with high quality American Hemp products from family-owned businesses so you can go the extra mile rehydrated and restored. 

Our industry knowledge allows us to source fantastic products from conscientious brands to give you the best, natural products we can find. Our kits come in easy, lightweight zippered pouches for easy grab-n-go.

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Stay in the Flow

Enjoy everything a little too much? Festivals are grueling with heat, sun, walking and long hours and it’s easy to overdo. Our kits provide relief for mild symptoms for body, feet and muscles aches, headaches, sunburn and more. Stay hydrated, healed and feeling your best so you don't miss out on a moment of fun.

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